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Hello and welcome to Jim Pater Photography.

This website is a small collection of the thousands of photographs that I have taken over the last several years.

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St. Anne Convent ~ Northern Kentucky
This slideshow is of the St. Anne Convent located in Northern Kentucky where the filming of the 1988 movie "Rain Man"took place. I visited this site with two friends: Carol & Michael.

Franklin Park Conservatory
My friend Beth (VIP) and I visited the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio. It was a relatively short visit as I don’t know how long we could have endured the hot and steamy conditions inside the conservatory. We were moth sweating excessively but that didn’t dampen how much we both enjoyed looking around and taking photos.

There are many wonderful and beautiful things to see at Franklin Park Conservatory but I especially loved seeing how the artwork by glass artist Dale Chihuly was integrated with the botanical displays.

Visiting an old, empty building in Northside (Cincinnati)
A couple of my friends and I explored an old factory in an area that is called Northside. I've wanted to find a building like this for quite some time just to see what type of photos I could capture. The light was unbelievable in the late afternoon and the visit was extremely fun. There were still boxes of old purchase orders and contracts that we looked through. Supposedly, the building is to be refurbished into condominiums. If it is ever accomplished, they would be wonderfully large living spaces.

my flickr webpage
Here, you may view photos that I have uploaded since subscribing to the service in 2006.
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Enjoy your time while you visit my site. I hope that you are inspired by my photography
as I am constantly being inspired by other’s work.

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